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The fruit is a cylindrical globose berry of different color and size (depending on the variety), covered by countless small spikes (thorns) and a large number of small black seeds.


Special features
The fruit has a nutritional value superior to that of other fruits in several of its components: 100g of the edible part has 58 to 66 caloric units, 3g of protein, 0.20g of fats, 15,50g of carbohydrates, 30g of calcium, 28g of phosphorus and vitamins (carotene, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin and ascorbic acid).
It is used directly in food or for the manufacture of jams and jellies, nectar, prickly pears, alcohols, wines and dyes. The seed is used to make oil; the shell used as fodder


Product Code F8TUNMX210004T1
Size 8 - 10 cm.
FOB Price $36.88 - $73.75 Dlls
Qaulity Best
Shelf Life 1 Month
Pack Type Pp Bag

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