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The Red Cedar is highly valued for its resistance to deterioration and its characteristic aroma, which repels the moth due to its intensity, it is a durable, light, stable wood with a fine structure in its veins. Albura: white Heartwood: Reddish brown and reddish brown. Fiber: Straight Grain: medium


Special Features
It is a valuable aromatic wood. Wood species of craftsmanship importance, turned articles and sculptures. Dry fruit with traditional potential: it has very special characteristics. According to the creativity you can make musical instruments, floral arrangements, curtains. The wood is soft, light, strong, durable and easy to work with.


Its main application is for rural construction, firewood, and tool handles, in addition to being selected for fine furniture, doors, windows, cabinets, interior decoration, carpentry in general, cigar boxes, decks and boat linings, lambrín, parquet, plywood, sheet metal, joinery in general, poles, packaging, precision devices.


Sizes Available Stem 5 to 7 Meters High, and Diameter 10 to 14 Inches of 1 Piece of Wood.
Raw Material Used 100% Organic.
Price $700.99 - $1401.99 usd
Technical Specification Raw Material, Organic, Natural, Durable, Resistant, Quality.
Colors Reddish Brown
Packaging Logs in Roll.
Model Number F8CROMX040002CR1

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