Piikale Chilli Sauce

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Special Features
100% natural ingredients, whit out conservatives and artificial flavors. Unit with dehydrated habanero chili, 60 gm.

For the preparation of sauces. For the elaboration of regional dishes. For season and give a special touch to the meal. To give flavor and spiciness to fruits and vegetables. Accompany with your snacks. Give a different touch to the drinks.


Technical specification
Contains capsaicin to help treatment arthritis,  head each. Antioxidant, anti cancerigen, and anti inflammatory.


Sizes Available Base Unit 60 G, Pakage with 42 Units per Box
Raw Material Used 100% Habanero Chili
FOB Price $96.60 - $193.20 per Box.
Packaging Depend Volume
Taste Spicy
Quality Best

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