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The Nopal is rich in fiber, has nutritional properties, high in vitamin A, C, K Rivoflavin as well as minerals: Magnesium, Potato, Calcium, Iron, and Proteins. It is used against diabetes, reduces cholesterol, prevents osteoporosis, is a natural antibiotic, helps in gastrointestinal problems, cleanses the colon, is effective in the treatment against cancer, helps to decrease compliance, cosmetics are made among so many other applications

it is contained in: Salads. Smoothies, juices, Asados, Omelette, Stews, Jams. And shampoo, hair rinses, hand and body lotion, soap, conditioner, moisturizing mask, night cream, hair gel, reducing gel, shower gel, astringent lotion, stimulating and cleansing mask, soaps, ointment and cosmetics



Prodcut Code F8NPLMX210004N1
Available sizes Nopal Grande: 25-35 cm, Nopal Mediano: 15-20 cm.
FOB Price $39.20 - $78.40 DLLS.
Size It is Oval with Spines, Different in Length Between 10 to 35 in Length and About 1 to 1.5 Cm. Wide,
Quality Best
Pack Type Pp Bag, Packet

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