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ALOE VERA , 100% NATURAL, Contains vitamins A, group B, C, mucilage, minerals, tannins, oils, fatty acids (oleic and linoleic), amino acids, It has the property of regenerating skin cells. It has digestive action. It has depurative effect. It favors the regeneration of internal tissues. Eliminates fungi and viruses.Regenerates skin cells
It has depurative effect
It favors the regeneration of internal tissues
Eliminates fungi and viruses
Regenerates skin cells
It has an analgesic effect
Protects the immune system
It has anti-inflammatory action


Sizes Available Leaves of 450 to 650 Grams, in Bulk per 1000 Kilograms.
Raw Material Used 100% Conventional Leaf
Applications Natural Product, for Consumption or Extraction of the Gel
FOB PRICE $138 - $276
Use Cosmetic Industry, Personal Care Industry, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry
Packaging Agreements to the Conditions Required for the Transport of the Product

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